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  • Day 5!

    November 09, 2018

    November 9, 2018

    It's really hard to work on one's own accordance, and yes, the same is happening to me. It feels like I am awfully far away from the track that I should actually be traversing on. I am not able to work on things that I planned for myself. But then what about the things that I am doing right now? Do they count in my life? Do they carry any significance?


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  • Day 4!

    November 08, 2018

    November 8, 2018

    Voila, Today is my Mom-Dad's 28th Wedding Anniversary 💑.

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    This year again, we were not able to do much but got a cake via contributions made by me and siblings. Sadly, these are the time when I strongly feel like I should be earning to have lots of money(not my Daddy wala money :( ). So that I can also throw a big party like others, for my parents.

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  • Day 3!

    November 07, 2018

    November 7, 2018

    A very Happy Diwali to everyone. 🙏 🎇 ✨

    Today was a festive day and so, was busy with family for the entire time. Nothing new happened but then the whole family together is in itself a moment of joy and celebration for us (at least for folks like me whose every family member lives in different places) :) .

    For the logs:

    1. Gave an hour to Emacs Revision, done with Class 1 and...
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  • Day 2!

    November 06, 2018

    November 6, 2018

    A very "Happy Choti Diwali" to all. :) 🎆

    Today was a little tiring day for my brain :P . I was continuously thinking about stuff for almost half of the time.

    Now, listing down below what I have done today.

    1. Again a focused hour devoted to Dvorak Keyboard touch type practice. Today, headed to Step-4 ie. Home row + B, G, J, Q, W, X, Y, Z.  Was able to type a...
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  • Day 1!

    November 05, 2018

    November 5, 2018

    Today was a normal day, spent well at my "Home Sweet Home" :)

    Tried many things though.

    1. Gave a focused hour to Dvorak practice (trying to write this also in Dvorak :p, very slow though). Today's best time was around 7-8 min to write a paragraph of 100 words using Home Row Keys.
    2.  Practiced some Python problems, actually was trying to fill https://in.udacity.com/kpit-scholarship. The questions were a part of the...
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