I speak here {^_^}

Day 5!

November 9, 2018

It's really hard to work on one's own accordance, and yes, the same is happening to me. It feels like I am awfully far away from the track that I should actually be traversing on. I am not able to work on things that I planned for myself. But then what about the things that I am doing right now? Do they count in my life? Do they carry any significance?

Sometimes to me, and most of the time to all others, they are worthless, or typically useless.

But, are they really useless to me?

The answer is NO.

Use less the thoughts
which others give.
Use less the shiv
you stab with.

Jamie Riley (Useless)

Everything that you do in your life, counts. The good you do takes you a step ahead and the bad you do keeps you at what you are, makes you apprehensive.

Okay, I will talk here a bit.

I have plenty of time, so much so that I can easily do what I have planned for me. And even more. So, what/who is stopping me? my laziness?

Umnn, that might be true.

But I am not lazy to do other things then. I can easily sit for hours and do pieces of stuff which sounds more interesting to me. Take the example of things I did today

  • Read a series of blog articles.
  • Watched a lot of youtube videos.
  • Blabbed with mom, friends, and siblings.
  • Wrote large notes to some friends.

But then How these are adding to me?

For all those, who already have made their minds that me doing all the above things, is worthless. I just wanna say, I really can't do anything for you _/\_

For me and rest,

I am trying to scrutinize myself. Though this is taking a little longer while this is how I am trying to give some space to myself. I am trying to learn how life will not offer me hands to hold and shoulders to cry on, every time. Rather it will bestow me with *problem statements* (as we folks say) that I myself have to break and solve and move on.

Fortunately, folks like me have mentors in their lives, in face of a Friend, Philosopher, and Guide. We are blessed with parents who are capable of giving us everything to lead an easy going life.

What we don't have is "Peace of mind". And for that, we need to give ourselves some space to observe what is troubling us most. We need to solve our own problems first before moving onto the set of *Problem statements* of life.

I am also trying to do the same :) .

And, I feel most blessed,

That’s because I have been fortunate enough to have people in my life who have taught me so well, that I cannot imagine life without what they did for me.

-  Mario Jason Braganza (To Subra)

Thanks a lot to you. 😇 🙏