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I am primarily a software engineer, though I have held different titles such as Open Source Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, and DevOps engineer, on occasion.

Currently, I’m working at SUSE as a Kubernetes Integration Engineer.
In past, I’ve contributed to VMware’s Tanzu portfolio, both — as a Founding member of the Tanzu Kubernetes LTS (Open Source Engineering) team, and as a Site Reliability Engineer in the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) team.
Prior to that, I was part of the Global Cloud Services SRE team at Red Hat.

Besides my work, I’m actively involved in the upstream Kubernetes community.
I’ve contributed to various parts of the project through SIGs — Release, Testing, ContribEx, and CLI.
Currenly, I’m a Technical Lead for the Kubernetes Special Interest Group - Contributor Experience (SIG ContribEx).
I was also one of the Release Lead Shadows for Kubernetes v1.27 & v1.26 release cycles, Enhancement Lead for v1.25 release cycle and have been on the Release Team since v1.23.

I am a past Outreachy intern (Dec’2019 - March’ 2020), under the GNOME Foundation.
I’ve written about my journey here.

I like to talk about — opensource community values, mentoring, on/offline communication guidelines, benefits of writing & documenting things, and more..*
And I’m very keen to learn about — Hardware, Networking (both computer and people networking 😉 ), and (all things having wires, & circuits & LEDs, & ICs in them. Well, I don’t know much in this space, and I want to learn more).

I also started to speak at conferences in past years.
I’ve presented talks at KubeCon EU - 2023, openSUSE Conference - 2023, Open Source Summit - EU - 2022, GNOME Users and Developers European Conference 2020.
I was also invited to be part of a CNCF Maintainers Panel Discussion at Kubernetes Community Days, Bengaluru 2023.

In past, I’ve also tried my hands at recording podcasts.
(so, I could talk to, and learn from lots of wonderful people around the world)

This blog is a running record of all things about me, & nothing specific in general.🙂
I talk about what things I’m learning currently, my weight loss journey, some random personal journaling from the days, and sometimes (which is really sometimes only), I try to make beautiful book notes.

You could find me at these other places, as well:

Thank you for reading! 🙏