I speak here {^_^}

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I’m mostly a software engineer (with couple other varying names like DevOps engineer, or Site Reliablity Engineer, at times). Currently, I’m working as a site reliability engineer in the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) team at VMware. Previously, was part of the global cloud services SRE team at Red Hat.

I like to talk about ~ Kubernetes, Containers, Python, Golang, GNOME, Open Source, and more … And I’m very keen to learn about ~ Hardware, Networking, and (all things having wires, & circuits & LEDs, & ICs in them. Well, I hardly understand anything in this space, and that’s why I want to learn).

This blog is a running record of all things about me, & nothing specific in general. 🙂

I talk about what things I’m learning currently, my weight loss journey, some random personal journaling from the days, and sometimes (which is really sometimes only), I try to make beautiful book notes.

I was also an Outreachy intern in the past (Dec’2019 - March’ 2020), under the GNOME Foundation. I’ve written about my journey here.

And recently, I’ve also tried my hands at recording podcasts (so, I could talk to, and learn from lots of wonderful people around the world.)

You could find me at these other places, as well:

Thank you for reading! 🙏