I speak here {^_^}

Day 1!

November 5, 2018

Today was a normal day, spent well at my "Home Sweet Home" :)

Tried many things though.

  1. Gave a focused hour to Dvorak practice (trying to write this also in Dvorak :p, very slow though). Today's best time was around 7-8 min to write a paragraph of 100 words using Home Row Keys.
  2.  Practiced some Python problems, actually was trying to fill https://in.udacity.com/kpit-scholarship. The questions were a part of the form. Still struggling on writing the Typical "Goal-based questions".
  3. Getting back to Emacs, revising mbuf's emacs sessions to get back to the track. Will soon start customizing emacs via setting up scrum-mode (if all goes well :) )
  4. Struggling with my meditation also. :/

Planning to be a part of some new but active open source community to promote community-based learning. Will write about it in the next blog, if get any progress towards that.

At last, thanks a lot to my mentor, Jason Braganza, who insisted me 1000 times to write but I, not being a good student, never wrote anything. But today is the day finally.

Hope to continue with it. \o/