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Day 4!

November 8, 2018

Voila, Today is my Mom-Dad's 28th Wedding Anniversary 💑.

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This year again, we were not able to do much but got a cake via contributions made by me and siblings. Sadly, these are the time when I strongly feel like I should be earning to have lots of money(not my Daddy wala money :( ). So that I can also throw a big party like others, for my parents.

But then, for now, party like ^^^ is what we have for us. At least, parents were really very happy with the preparations :) .

Now, for the logs.

Ah, haven't done anything but was busy doing small-small preparations for today's "Chota-Sa" party.

And yup, that's it for today. Will try to have more tomorrow.

Till then, take care. o/