I speak here {^_^}

Day 2!

November 6, 2018

A very "Happy Choti Diwali" to all. :) 🎆

Today was a little tiring day for my brain :P . I was continuously thinking about stuff for almost half of the time.

Now, listing down below what I have done today.

  1. Again a focused hour devoted to Dvorak Keyboard touch type practice. Today, headed to Step-4 ie. Home row + B, G, J, Q, W, X, Y, Z.  Was able to type a paragraph of 100 words using above in approximately 16 minutes(best time for today). 😇
  2. Woah, the Best thing of the day :D - I finally was able to write a proposal for the Udacity KPIT Scholarship form. This was something that took my entire day. Writing it down after thinking for hours and hours and then a quick review from a friend, ahh, made me change it many times. It was very frustrating, though the final result was worth the whole hassle.
  3. I configured an Online FeedReader, subscribed to both the sites of my Mentor and thus completed the mini-project assigned to me. :) Right now, it is done for my laptop only, will try to figure it out on mobile phone also.
  4. Done with entirely solving two question papers (Maths and Accountancy). Half done with CS also. :)
  5. Meditation went on in the *MANDIR* inside my home today. Prayed to God for everyone's well-being. _/\_

Pending include:                                                                                                                                     - need to work hard on Emacs and thus my Plan.org. But lagging :( .

Hope will complete it soon.

Till then, take care. o/