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Notes: worked on PR reviews on the watch request handler server side & client side timeout settings docs #21

June 2, 2021

Quick notes from today:

worked on PR reviews on the watch request handler server side & client side timeout settings docs

  • Not much I did, other than rephrasing & removing & discussing more on some sections of docs in the PR ~ add documentation for the server & client side timeout #1467, as part of the review suggestions.

    Ok, that’s still some substantial work, so fine!

  • Other than above, I learnt something really important today (& that might be really trivial to others, but who really cares 😆). So, in one of the review suggestion comments in the PR, Yu Liao pointed that one of the reference docs link I added was too old, so, I should change that to a latest release version.

    That comment made me realise, that when I add reference links to source code documentation, or code patches, or something that’s part of a dynamic source code, I should never point to code/doc/patches or anything from a source code repo’s branch (like master, or staging, or any feature branch). The way to do it is by referencing the information from release tags. Reason being the branches are dynamic, & more & more work, & changes will keep coming up in there, so it won’t take anytime for those branch references to code/docs to get outdated, ultimately making these links useless & pointing to all wrong stuffs.

    Well, it was a very important realisation for me (maybe I’m too slow & dumb to understand this much), but I always used to point source code patches links from master/main branches, for really no particular reason.

    So, that’s one thing I learnt today! And another thing I’m slowly getting a hang of, is being OK with the very long PR reviews (or never ending questions around every small bits of changes). These might be frustrating in the beginning, but really, I’ve found each one of those small, big or any kind of nitpicks to be really useful & I’ve always ended up learning something new from them (sometimes, a whole new concept, or other times some set of best practices, but definitely something worth)

That’s all for the day!