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Notes: k8s org(s) membership 🥳 , structured-logging KEP review session, bump containerd & runc on kubernetes CI jobs #16

May 19, 2021

Quick notes from today:

k8s org(s) membership

  • Finally got the kubernetes org(s) invitation emails in the inbox. 😁 💃. It really feels like I’ve earned them, this time! ❤️




structured-logging KEP review session

  • Had a very deep dive through the structured logging KEP. Logged all my review notes in this hackmd document.
    • Presented my review notes & the KEP idea to dims. He wanted me to present the KEP idea to him as if I was presenting that in a SIG meeting as my own proposal. It was a really good exercise. I got good comments. :)
  • More stuff that I discussed during today’s (weekly Thursday) 1:1 meeting with dims are here

bump containerd & runc on kubernetes CI jobs

  • Raised this PR on the kubernetes/test-infra project to bump the runc version to v1.0.0-rc95, & containerd version to v1.5.2 in the kubernetes CI jobs.

That’s all for the day!

PS: Find here, the links to all the kubernetes-contributions for the month of May, 2021.