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Notes: sig-auth PR/issue triage meeting, drop python2 support from kubernetes-client/python | python-base #13

May 17, 2021

Quick notes from today:

sig-auth PR/issue triage meeting

  • I attended the bi-weekly sig-auth PR/issue triage meeting. I still am a silent listener in the meeting, but I don’t have any regrets, the more I am listening with focus, the more I’m learning. The only thing I need to do moving forward is ask wherever required. But yea, today’s takeaways:
    • I need to read more about what are the responsibilities that fall under sig-auth, because for the most part in the meeting, I just see the reviewers removing the sig-auth label mentioning that it belongs to so & so sig.
    • I should read old reviews first before starting reviewing new PR/issues. Also, more specifically, the older ones from jordan liggit (now I understand why dims one time (6 months back, in one of the sig-node-reviewer-group meeting) mentioned about how elaborate Jordan’s reviews are. And we should look at his reviews while learning how to review PRs). I’m happy that I’m (if not doing any reviews) but attending the meetings. These are really full of rich information & lots of fodder to learn.
    • Review/Triage is a complex job, might require multiple release to get the ball rolling. People need to be really careful to put lgtm to changes like ones that might break backward compatibility, impact performace (like Jordan was talking about one today where adding more headers might lead to adding more volume to the logs leading to poor performance (he also pointed to the structured logging thing where using gloc to make logs structured impact performance really significantly))

drop python2 support from kubernetes-client/python | python-base

  • The PR to drop python2 support from the upstream kubernetes-client/python repo’s master branch is done & is merged. All the tests are using python3 versions now.
  • The next step here to take these changes from master branch & make it available to community by dropping the python2 support in the v18.0.0 beta release of the client-python.
  • I had couple of questions that I asked during the PR process. Yu Liao very kindly helped me with providing answers to them. Following were the questions:

    Q 2: Do I require to add the update-pycodestyle.sh check for all the current set of python3 versions ( py3{5,6,7,8,9} )?

    • I only need to run one python3 version, say python 3.7, as all python3 versions share one common style guide.

    Q 3: What’s the difference between py3{5,6,7,8,9} & py3{5,6,7,8,9}-functional?

    • The py-functional has e2e (end to end) tests. The commands that shows the difference is here ~ tox.ini#L15
  • The PR to drop python2 support from kubernetes-client/python-base repo is also merged into master.

updates on previous PRs

That’s all for today!