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Notes: containerd v1.5.1 GA, event watch stream server-side timeout, dropping python2 support from k8s python client, dedicated kubernetes contribution page #11

May 14, 2021

Quick notes from today:

Bumped containerd version to v1.5.1

Dropping python2 support from k8s-client/python & k8s-client/python-base

  • I am currently working on the PRs that will drop the python2 support from the kubernetes-client/python & kubernetes-client/python-base repositories.
  • While doing the PRs, I learnt about what’s the usage of the following python modules:
    • isort ~ Python utility / library to sort imports alphabetically, and automatically separated into sections and by type.
    • coverage ~ A tool for measuring code coverage of Python programs. It monitors your program, noting which parts of the code have been executed, then analyzes the source to identify code that could have been executed but was not. Coverage measurement is typically used to gauge the effectiveness of tests
    • codecov ~ A reporting tool that is intended to process any coverage report format into a format that is standard across Codecov.
  • Both of the PRs are work in progress (WIP). The work done in both the repos, so far is:
    • removed python2 from the .travis.yaml file
    • remove python2 from the tox.ini file
    • remove -y flag from isort command in update-pycodestle.sh script
    • fix sequence of module imports to fix the failing pycodestyle checks in the following files:
      • examples/multiple_clusters.py
      • examples/pick_kube_config_context.py
      • examples/pod_config_list.py
    • tested coverage & codecov tests with python3 version (currently v3.9)
    • tested updated update-pycodestyle for python3 version v3.9 in case of arch ppc6le
  • Also, just realised, kubernetes-client/python-base clone the kubernetes-client/python while running the travis CLI jobs. So, I need to first finish the PR for kubernetes-client/python & then move to the kubernetes-client/python-base one.

documenting watch stream server-side timeout

dedicated page for upstream kubernetes contributions

  • I have created a dedicated page for logging & tracking all my upstream Kuberenetes project contributions. Find it here, on the blog.

That’s all for today! o/