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Notes: sig-auth issues & KEP review, structured-logging workgroup, kubernetes org membership (🎊) #10

May 13, 2021

Quick notes from today:

sig-auth issues & KEP review

structured-logging workgroup

  • I attended the first meeting for the structured-logging workgroup. This is definitely something that I’m going to work on very soon (or right away). This is a new working group being created, focusing on:
    • defining standard structure for Kubernetes log messages,
    • add methods to klog to enforce this structure,
    • add ability to configure Kubernetes components to produce logs in JSON format
    • and finally, initiate migration of kubernetes component logs to structured logging
  • Action item (by myself) from today’s meeting for is:

Updates on previous PRs

kubernetes org membership

  • And finally, last & the most wonderful thing for today (I literally danced for an hour, I mean literally)
    • Finally, I created the issue for the kubernetes organisation access (and ofcourse, some wonderful folks have sponsered me for my membership 👼)
    • So, yes it is on the way but it will happen for sure (hoping before the next post itself 😄)

That’s all stuff from my day today.

It was a work holiday (ah, although, I had on-call duties but fortunately wasn’t paged at all), & I’m happy I utilised my time well (talking, working, learning, dancing & exercising. 🙂)