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Notes: Containerd v1.5.0 GA, Fixing DCO checks #9

May 12, 2021

Quick notes from today:

  • Version v1.5.0 for containerd is GA now. I raised multiple PRs to bump containerd version to v1.5.0 in the following kubernetes sub-projects:
  • The first two are merged & third one is marked lgtm & awaiting approved label.
  • While working on the containerd/zfs PR, I got to learn a lot of new stuff (simple, but well I wasn’t aware of them. And there is always a first time for everything):
    • Got to know about Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO). In context of this PR, it basically meant I needed to sign my PR commits with a gpg key (linked to the email address similar to what I have used to sign the Contributors License Agreement (CLA)). And followed by that, I need to add Signed-off-by: Priyanka Saggu <something@example.com> in the commit description itself, so when the GitHub workflow runs to validate the DCO check, it goes through the checks smoothly (and this part is what I missed & where it took me very long to understand).
    • Got to learn better ways to update go module dependencies. The PR comments from the project leads are rich with information around the same.

That’s mostly what I did outside the work today. It was a busy day today (I’m happy that I was able to focus today properly).