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Notes: Red Hat OpenShift Administration I (DO280), sig-auth PR/issue triage meeting #7

May 07, 2021

Quick notes from today:

The Red Hat OpenShift Administration I (DO280) virtual instructor led training (VILT) is finished. Now, will slowly slowly keep practicing & re-practicing the labs for a month, & then sit for the certification exam.

  • What I’m thinking is, actually (& conciously) making a 1 hour focus time block for practicing the labs daily. Will do the planning tomorrow & start from monday!
  • Another thing, I need to do here is actually schedule the exam. Will first plan the lab practicing part & then accordingly schedule a date for exam. (This is due for next week)

Also, the lab I was stuck at yesterday, had some major information missing in the instructions. The instructor helped me pointing out what it was. So, that is sorted now. :)

Other than that, not much today!

From the upstream Kubernetes:

  • I attended a sig-auth bi-weekly PR/issue triage meeting. It’s wonderful to see how the project leads & reviewers maintain such huge project board, flooded with issues & PR waiting for triage & reviews. So, joining the meeting gave me an idea of how actually they do it. The one thing that I learnt & I could put here is, they check if the PR/issues is of concern to the respective sig (in this case, sig-auth). if not, just quickly remove the labels from them & check them out of the board. It sounds rude, but trust me it is not & highly required. They have a lot to manage & removing the labels is the way to lead them to next right step.

Good part of joining the meeting was, I got to say hello to Jordon Liggit, Rita Zhang and couple other wonderful folks from Kubernetes community. And the other major realisation was, well, I’m doing a good job with my PRs. Lots of people are there who are raising PRs, just for the sake of raising one (you know what I mean <- & this is what the reviewers said, not me 😅 ).

Finished listening to the Atomic Habits book. Now, to putting it in action day by day. (Thank you, jason braganza. 🙏 )

Cool, that’s it for the day! Will try to catch up with other stuff tomorrow.