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Notes: python-client method for ingressroutes across namespaces, deployment rolling restart method, kubernetes/api brainstorming session #3

May 2, 2021

Notes from today:

  • Worked on the following two issues:
  • Had a brainstorming session with a friend. For me, it was trying to understand & discuss, what parts (sub-projects) of sig-api-machinary to dive-in next? What would be the nodes upwards to python-client? My takeaways, I’m gonna spend time on understanding the kubernetes/code-generator & kubernetes-client/gen sub-projects, as my next steps now. And lastly, got a brief walkthrough on the kube-builder boilerplate framework (for writing CRD based controller & operator logic). This is also something that I need to understand.

(no hurries, I will do it slowly with time. I am already working on operators, so, having that much information is far more than enough for now. I need to focus on other significant stuff first)

  • Learnt how to read the kubernetes/api file (precisely, each k8s internally supported api version’s types.go file, which is what exactly contain the schema of all resources defined under a specific api version). Really useful finding this is.

  • Spent some time going through open issues (& lots of closed, and stale issues & old PRs) on the k8s python client repo. And I would say, I can read them (in terms of what they’re asking for), I have my basic set of terminologies in place now. But not to deny, there is no difference in me getting extremely overwhelmed by the stuff all around there.

But then I ask myself

  • how much time & effort, I have spent so far?
  • And was I able to pick up even this much stuff before?
  • Was I able to understand the context of the problems/issues/PRs before?
  • Was I aware of the project structure (the little I know even now) before?
  • Was I even here & doing this before?

And answers to all these questions, give me hope to keep going. Because I’m learning & I’m learning a lot. And, this is not a competition for me with others but definitely my own obligation with myself, to everyday show up & try. And so, I must do it.

That’s it.

(And a note to myself, next time weekend should be mostly weekends. You really need them.)