I speak here {^_^}

Updates: talk on github actions, upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS!

May 10, 2020

Too tired to write a detailed technical blogpost today. So, will try to keep it short & simple, and just writing about some updates here.

I gave my first ever talk yesterday. It finally happened! (this is a note for myself :P).

I procastinated for how long I don’t even remember now. Even I don’t know if it was just procastination or was accompanied by my some more lame thoughts & nervousness. But, it happened finally and I am really happy about it. :)

A big thanks to Mridu Bhatnagar, who very kindly offered me her slot & that’s how I just got this very impromptu chance of presenting a talk at Pyladies Delhi online meetup. Thank you soooo much. 🙏️

Ok, so actually the talk was about Introduction to Github Actions, followed by a quick handson. I’m putting the slides here:

I just haven’t got enough time to prepare nicely for the talk. So, whatever I delivered was more of a last minute thing.

But this one time (talk) only, gave me a good enough experience & confidence to apply, share & present more in the coming times.

I hope to speak more now!

(The talk was recorded. So, I might put a public link to the recorded talk here, later.)

Today, I upgraded my local machine OS to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (focal fossa).

Damn, I invested a huge data for this install (oh yea, I’m real miser when it comes to my data 😅️).

But cool, it has some really good additions (So far, I just got to read about them. I’m yet to explore more about these new additions/features in practice). Look & feel is almost same like the last non-LTS release, Ubuntu 19.10.

Overall, it’s a nice & sleek user experience!

That’s all for this time.

(I didn’t want to break my writing streak. So, this is to make sure that something goes onto my blog once every 2 weeks. 🙂️)

Actually, I came back here to write this part. :D

I just felt like adding a lil bit more about my day.

Today is Mother’s day! (and I’m glad it is sunday)

I cooked a hell lot of food for my mother & family today.

All three meals & some more extras. A looot of food, yes. XD. (Although, I didn’t eat anything out of that 😅️. Cause, I’m on my journey to improving myself.)

I realised I simply love cooking for my family. We’re five & this lockdown is the only reason we’re getting to spend some time together. Otherwise, every single of us stays alone, either because of work or study, and now my sister is married, so that is another reason.

But definitely, this lockdown condition (because of Coronavirus), is hard for everyone.

I wish & I pray things get better soon!