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Outreachy - Week 06, Day 03!

January 08, 2020

Task for the week:

  • Move the existing search-and-replace-bar widget functionality to the new redesigned overlay widget.

Progress of the day:

  • This week started on a good note. I spent the first 2 days working on the final nitpicks for the UI of the widget.

  • Today, I added CSS rules for creating a border around the “search entry and buttons grid”.

  • Also, I corrected the position of the widget. Earlier it was rendering down below the event progress-bar and thus, the overlay effect was entirely absent. Therefore, I tweaked the corresponding xml file src/gtr-tab.ui to bind the two required child elements i.e one with GtkPaned class (on top of which the new widget will overlay) and the other with GtkRevealer class (which is supposed to overlay) together, and put them under GtkOverlay class. And it solved the issue.


With this, I have finally reached half way to finishing my project. :D

Tomorrow onwards, I Will slowly start migrating existing functionalities to the newly designed widget.

That is all for now. :)