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Outreachy - Week 04, Day 01!

December 23, 2019

I didn’t write for the last 3 days of the last week. The reason being I was terribly occupied in finishing some impromptu work.

And now, I’m back here again with my daily writing. :)

Task for the week:

  • Read about Gtk Widgets and Layouts Properly.


Progress of the day:

  • I finished reading the tutorials based on creating widgets and layouts from the official documentation.

  • Next, I figured out how to properly use GtkInspector tool. And that actually helped me figuring out where (like in what file or on top of what layout) I have to add the re-created widget in the Gtranslator project and a little bit of the how part as well ( right now can’t say it for 100% before actually trying :) ).

  • Also, read about how to add keyboard shortcuts for widgets in the application (yet to implement).

That’s all for today. I will try to be regular here. o/