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Outreachy - Week 03, Day 02 and 03!

December 18, 2019

Task for the week:

  • Read about Gtk Widgets and Layouts Properly.

  • Try to replicate the gnome-builder “search and replace bar” widget (just the wire-frame) in the Gtranslator project.
    • [sub-task] First try doing the above task in a seperate simple application.


Progress of the day:

  • Yesterday, I was not able to write, so, a little from the day. I had my second weekly meeting with my mentors. We discussed the progress from last week. Danigm pointed out a lot of reading resources to fine-sharp my concepts.

  • Today, I have started reading Widgets and Layouts basics from the official documentation. Going well so far, my minor doubts are getting cleared very nice way now.

Till tomorrow. o/