I speak here {^_^}

Au Revoir, Red Hat!

Sept 30, 2021

Today is my last working day at Red Hat.

Over these last some weeks, multiple work opportunit(ies) came up my way and after really careful consideration, I decided to accept one of them. I’m excited to explore this new path in my career journey.

I’m incredibly grateful for all the opportunities I have received during my time at Red Hat. It’s been a wonderful experience to work and grow with the Cloud Services SRE (CS-SRE) team, to be a part of creating a great cloud-native product, and (most importantly) to get the opportunity to work with all my amazing fellow colleagues. I’ve learnt so much about the cloud native technologies and the managed services space, and more significantly so many soft skills (from all my colleagues, from their years and years of rich work & life experiences) which I will certainly take with me throughout my life & the career.

That said, it was a little hard good bye this time. Because I really liked my team at Red Hat. It was always more about the people I was working with in my team. They are really wonderful folks, doing really amazing things & having expertize in different domains.

This is my attempt at writing a short thank you note to all of them, so, I could keep it with me here, for my memories. I feel I’m really blessed & fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to work with everyone in my team.

  • Thank you, Craig (Craig Robinson). You’ve certainly been the best (& the bestest) manager. For the very first time, I learnt & experienced what a good manager is like (infact, the first time to experience what a manager is like) & how they can help in the growth of an employee (seriously).

  • Thank you, Jose (Jose Cueto). I’ve learnt so much from you, like seriously a heck lot of amazing technical, programming, project management (& what not) stuff & so much more about life. You’ve always been a mentor to me, more than a colleague. I’m really really grateful for everything.

  • Thank you Steven (Steven Clarkson), you’ve been incredibly helpful every single time I had reached out to you for help, and really encouraging too at times (when it was most required & mattered the most)

  • Thank you Mark (Mark Freer) & Pat (Pat Cremin). Other than all the help I had received from you two while getting rid of all the incident/on-call fires, I also so dearingly loved hearing the stories about Ireland from you both. (I learnt a lot about Ireland & the languages, hahaha!) 😄

  • Thank you Hil (Hilliary Lipsig). I’ve learnt to be a strong technical woman & very strong team leader from you. I’ve learnt how to make sure “you’re heard & not only just heard but cared & considered” regardless of whatever the surroundings & situations be like. These learnings are definitely going to help me forever!

  • Thanks Raja (Raja Ananda) & Michael Ciccone. Although, because of the time zones, I got very less opportunities to talk to you both on a day-to-day basis. But I got the opportunity to learn about product releases & load testing respectively (in real/production scenarios, & what all other things that comes with these) from you both!

Thank you so so so much for such a wonderful life & work experience. I had one of the best times in this team!

And before I wrap it up, this journey would not have been possible only without the help & support of Felipe Borges, Denise Dumas & like always Jason Braganza.

I truly wish to meet you all someday very soon, in real life! 🙋‍♀️

PS: If anyone (any woman specifically) of you, have the relevant required skills & experience, and want to join the team & help in backfilling my position (Site Reliability Engineer) in the team at Red Hat, please reach out to me via email asap! Thank you!