I speak here {^_^}


March 6, 2020

Just two of my thoughts that I want to quote here.


The best feeling!

When people come back to you and acknowledge your advice/guidance/help, by sharing their accomplishments.

(and, yes) by saying thank you. 🙂

And Second,

I’m publicly committing to not commit anything to the public.

I mean why I have to commit anything to the public?

The public won’t come back and push me forward when I’ll be stuck in my own funny confusion & problems.

Therefore, better:

  1. I commit to myself (this one, I recommend it to everyone).
  2. Or I commit to my mentors (oh yeah, I’m lucky enough to have some really good ones in my life), my parents, and myself (because that is still mandatory).
  3. Or yes, I commit to my pocket payers (Ofcourse, I ought to do that) but again first myself!