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100th blog post (🎊), Redoing the blog site! #8

May 08, 2021

(Earlier, the title of this blog was ~ (I’m struggling for a title) notes!)

I’m struggling for a title(s), for these daily blogs. If you’ve any suggestions, please please tell me 😅 (I’m very serious). I want to entirely eliminate this title thinking part.

Anyways, updates from today:

  • Today was kind of a leisure day. Well, kind of only, because for the whole day, I was troubling my-own-self with the feeling that I was supposed to work today and I didn’t do anything, work like work. I need to improve here alot.

  • I bought my first ever domain name today (psaggu.com). And yes, with no doubts, I still did a lot of thinking (cough cough over-thinking) while deciding, whether I should buy or not, or why I should buy, or what I will use it for, etc etc. But, tl;dr I bought it & now this blog is live on blog.psaggu.com. It was a very good exercise for me, understanding how to create DNS records.

  • To make all my social media handles, cohesive with this new domain name, I changed/updated the twitter username (to @_psaggu), linkedIn (to psaggu) & gnome gitlab username (to psaggu) handles. Well, Github is still left, & I’m not sure what all things it will break if I update it right now. Lots of trouble & risk, so leaving it for later.

  • I re-wrote the blog’s about page. I think I can be very ok with this one for quite some time now. :)

  • I finished some pending phone calls (family & friends).

  • (Just right now) I also finished filling up the post course completion survery for my DO280 training course (yes, that counts as some real work).

  • And I wrote this post. (title, title, please suggest me title)

That’s all for today, Tata everyone. Good night!

Ok, finally, I finished re-doing my jekyll blog. For now, it looks exactly like, how I wanted it to look like, in the beginning of this morning.

This was truly a required effort and definitely worth every second I spent today on it. I really started hating this blog for how it looked.

Plus, with all these redoing stuff today, I realised such an important and surprising thing.

Today’s blogs is my 100th blog post on the home page. So, in a way, it was the perfect day to renovate this website.

Got a new domain, got a new renovated theme, Wohoooo, I am really happy! 🎊 🎊

Thank you so much! 🙏