I speak here {^_^}

I commit to writing on this blog fortnightly!

April 11, 2020

I was lazy!

And I didn’t write anything here (for a very long time, and I know it’s nothing good to brag about).

But because I should write for my own goodness,

I commit to writing on this blog at least for once every 2 weeks.

I know it’s doable, but I do break the streak very easily. I write with a nice frequency for a while and then stop it eventually for no good reason (but obviously my laziness that first makes me procastinate and then lead to a complete halt).

This is what I hope to improve, to continue keep writing!

Ok, now that I’ve started this post, I’ll write a bit about a couple of new things/updates from my life. :)

Currently, the ultimate goal is to work on improving myself.


I’m fat. And this is the biggest concern I had for most part of my life (so far).

I didn’t like myself (which is the worst thing I did to myself). So, everything always revolved around me being fat, my weight and finally I was in depression or I don’t know in what (but definitely it was not good).

It’s not like I never tried for losing weight. I tried many times but (just realised recently) I never did it the right way, nor I was consistent and patient with the process. The pattern usually was I lost weight, then gained, then lost again and then gained a lot and finally stopped trying only (yes, I stopped here too. Sigh!).

But the good part is, I’ve started taking it very seriously now. I’ve learnt a lot about my body, the reasons why it was not happening in first place, learnt what basically my body’s composition look like and what I’m actually supposed to work on, in order to improve. And also the how and why part too.

I still won’t say I’m doing really good with the process. I’ve my high and low days once every while, when I start feeling the right opposite. But that’s a part of the process, I think. I just aim to be honest with myself, and eat clean and try to exercise daily (struggling here too, but trying).

I’m going to log the (weight) numbers here weekly.


During my Outreachy internship itself, I managed to get a couple more job opportunities. Finally, I joined Atlan as a DevOps engineer intern in the last week of february and since then, I’m mostly writing & automating the hybrid infrastructure of the company’s product for new cloud platforms. Learning and exploring more every single day.

I might write about the technical part in some other posts.

Open source contributions

I aim to keep contributing to gtranslator (my outreachy’s project). The last month went entirely into getting familiar with the work & culture in the new job. But definitely contributing to gtranslator project is one of the prior things in the todo list (that hopefully starts today itself).

The other is start writing on the blog again. :)

Lastly, I wish a safe and peaceful time for everyone suffering through this pandemic and thank a lot, from the bottom of my heart, to the heros who are selflessly working at front for protecting us.