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Finally, Google Gurugram!

February 23, 2019

Today was a very special day for me. For any student like me, it's a great accomplishment to get a chance to be in Google's office and that too as a guest. Voila, I got the opportunity. :D

Thanks a lot to gdg_nd, WTM_nd, and finally Google, Gurugram. I won't stop myself, showing my heartiest gratitude to @Arpansac, @shilpa1994, @biswajeet_137, @tyagi_harshit24, and @rajpal_saurabh for such a great event.

Google Signature Towers, Gurugram

The event was a gdg_nd's(Google Developers group-New Delhi) Web Developer Days 2.

And the agenda of the event was:

  • To learn how to deploy web applications on Google Cloud.
  • Getting Introduced to Bigquery, Cloud, and SQL on GCP(Google Cloud Platform) via curated content from Google CodeLabs.
  • To be able to optimize web applications to make them run super fast.
  • And to implement all the above stuff with hands-on practice.

Web Developers Days 2

Though it was my very first event at gdg_nd, I learned tonnes from every hour I spend there, listening to great talks from awesome speakers/mentors and working on hands-on projects.

And why not to mention the goodies and stuff, when it comes to Technical events. Yup, I won a "Tensorflow" Pen Drive for finding out a website with the least performance score. :p The score was just "1". And also the Google Cloud Sticker. :)

Hoping for more events like this in the near future. Till then, o/.