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[Feb] Daily Diary #15

February 16, 2019

It's been so long since I wrote for the last time here. But I am back here now. :D

In this post, I will be listing almost all the major stuff that I have done in the last approximate 10 days.

  • Appointed as one amongst the two lead co-ordinators for assisting in the development of the University's Training and Placement web portal.
  • Had a meet up with junior folks, teaching them Linux basic commands and Open Source Contribution 101. Much happy with the response from the students.
  • Done with developing another project in Computer Vision - Optical Character Recognition(OCR) using OpenCV EAST(effective and accurate scene text) text detector and Google's Tesseract (v4).
  • Participated in CodeChef's February Long Challenge 2019 Division 2. Woah, finally real coding, real problem-solving. I had solved 4 out of 8 in just 4 hours. Check my rank here.
  • And yeah, I appeared for 3 hiring drives. Cracked one! :)
  • Repair 3 crashed systems in series. Lots of learning. :)
  • Started with tinkering on this year's projects in GirlScript Summer of Code 2019. Prepping up for the contributions.
  • And yup, hell lots of traveling.