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Daily Diary #14

February 2, 2019

Teaching is the best way of learning!

Finished my third session with junior folks. I got so many criticizing feedbacks today for the session being too slow, or not having physical sessions with them.

I accept each one of theirs whole-heartedly.

I just have one thing to say. I don't want any student of mine to lag behind. I wish, everyone should have their doubts resolved. If solving their doubts makes the session slow. I want every session to be slow. Because, this is what a good teacher should do, solve his/her student's doubt until they are ready to move forward.

I am trying my best to be a good teacher. And I wish everyone would soon learn the lesson of being patient too. :)

You can find the logs to today's session here.

And, on my side. I tried to learn how to build a password cracker using Python. Still working on it. Will come with updates, the next time. o/

Updates- Traveling for the next two days.